Name: Francesco Alonso Montali
School: St. Thomas Aquinas
Graduation Year: 2019
GPA: 4.6
Club: Orlando Development Academy
Height- 6’3
Age Group: 2001
Position: Goalkeeper
Accomplishments: Selected for tournament in Guadeloupe, attended Dallas Cup 2k14, went to Leo Messi Foundation in Rosario, Argentina, went to Spain for games against Valencia, Villarreal,Levante, and Elche.
About Me:
Playing goalkeeper since the age of nine, I have loved stopping shots from cocky strikers. It gives me a certain thrill that any goalkeeper can tell you about. My goal is to play professionally either in the MLS or anywhere in Europe. I have been to many places playing the game I love. Seeing how the players play in Spain, Argentina, Guadeloupe and all across the U.S. has really helped me develop into a better keeper. Having been coached by former professional players has also helped me gain experience with high level training.