Fly High GK Academy
Fly High Academy is an organization open year round for goalkeepers ages (5-18 ) in South Florida.  We specialize in gk development and our curriculum is based off educational, physical, and mental techniques.  We deeply believe our system increases rapid results for true growth and development.
We offer skills and techniques such as:
  • technical development
  • small group tactics
  • Tactial Development
We hold high standards for our trainers and coaching staff: 
  • Each coach will have either an extensive background in playing at a high level or coaching at high level. Each coach will be certfied by US Soccer standards and will be the upmost professional in each session.
About me:
  • My life has been devoted to soccer.  From the age of three, when i first kicked a soccer ball, I've grown a deep love for all aspects it has to offer.The skills I have developed over the last 20 years has been transformed into a exceptional training program for any player. I firmly believe in implementing mental and physical strength along with coaching a techinal skill in a tactical concept, when necessary. 

Membership details:
  • Each Player will have a profile, along with all their trainings video taped and each will be put on the website. The website will be promoted through out the world to every club team/professional scout. Each player will receive training gear and will receive discounts on training, equipment, and Camps through out their playing career. 

  • Cancellations will be handled through our Customer Service Department which is open Monday-Friday 9am-6pm. 

Additional Services:
  • Summer/Winter session camps
  • Striker/Goalkeeper Clinics
  • One on One Training